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tv   Christian World News  KOFY  July 31, 2011 6:30am-7:00am PDT

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>> today on "christian world news," a call to prayer, muslims prepare for their most sacred time of the year. see how christians use the opportunity to seek god in prayer and ask that he reveals himself to the muslim world. plus...>> when he got saved he fell in love with the lord. >> hear how 1 man's passion for the lostt changed the lives of millions a around the world. and archaeologist in the holy land.
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discover a rare type of gold. see why they think it is a priestly garment warn during the time of jesus. welcome to "christian world news" i am gary lane. george thomas and wendy griffith out this week. muslim holy month of ramadan begins this week. many christians see it as an opportunity to pray for the muslim world and launch their own 30-days of prayer and fasting. >> in august muslims around the world are observing their holy month of ramadan. it requires daily fasts of food and water. muslims see it as an opportunity to draw nearer to their god. dr. michael youssef. >> they want to know they can really relate to god. in islam you cannot relate to their god.
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he is so far removed. >> dr. youssef hosts a tv program called leading the way and broadcasts it into the muslim world. he said it is important for christians to pray for the muslims during ramadan. >> christians during the month of ramadan must pray for muslims to know god and become a reality. >> islam is a fast growing religion and 50 muslim majority countries in the world. people are oppressed by the strict interpretation of islamic law imposed on society. women suffer the worst treatment. >> women in islam are treated as half of a man. just by virtue of making a woman less than a man, it is very oppressive in itself.
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placing them in the back not allowing them to drive in saudi arabia. they have to be seen as a piece of flesh. they have to cover themselves. >> god is on the move in the muslim world. dr. youssef says they are turning to christ like never before and many experiencing dreams and visions from the holy spirit. >> we just talked to an imam who saw jesus in a dream. he woke up, got into the call number on our channel the kingdom set and talked to a person who led him to christ. now he is a wonderful servant of the living god. this happened on good friday of this year. i can tell you many, many stories like that. >> testimonies like this inspire christian around the world to keep praying for muslims.
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youssef said ramadan is an important reminder that the time for christians to act is now. >> we need to pray for them because the only way that that wall of islam will be broken is through the "power for life" power of prayer, hundreds coming to christ, for a long time secretly. now some are coming in the open. the wall is beginning to crack. >> joining us now is tom doyle, vice president and middle east director for e 3 partners and author of the book, "break through, return of hope from the middle east."we heard michael say hundreds of thousands coming to christ. why is that happen do you believe that is happening? >> i do, gary. churches and believers around the world started praying for
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muslims 25 years ago. today we see as we see 1 out of every 2 muslims that become believers in christ have a dream or vision or christian prayed for them before they came to faith in christ. it knocks down those barriers and preconceived false information. they feel close and want to find out more about them. >> i know you have finished writing a new book and muslims of christ. how come? >> we can never figure out why god does something. islam, the religion started with a dream. mohammed went into a cave. that is why so many are in ramadan, in mecca celebrating ramadan. he went into dream, and gabrielle appeared to him.
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dreams means something to people in the middle east, especially muslims. god is breaking down the walls. a muslim goes on a search and wants to find out more about christ. i think it is 1 of the most powerful revolutions. god is selecting people groups around the world that come under the banner of islam, 1.5 billion muslims. we are finding all around the world, muslims are having dreams about jesus. >> it is amazing. technology is making a difference. talk about the impact of satellite television and the internet. >> great television programs. many times muslims will have a dream about jesus. if there is not a christian in their village or city, they seek. they look for a bible.
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they turn on the tv. many times they are led to christ through television or radio. god uses believers that they run into and god gives them a devine appointment. right now, 93 percent of the globe gets christian radio and so even many mecca, we know people here, radio programs, television breaks through. in iran, they get people to throw away satellite dishes. they forbid them. then it ends up, a couple of weeks later, the people rehook them up and watching television again. there is a fear of the gospel getting in there. it is getting through electronically. >> what is the best way to share the gospel with a muslim 1 on 1? >> put away all of your preconceived notions and prejudices.
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they are not all terrorists. just by the very fact they left the middle east to come here shows they are dissatisfied with something. they are open to the gospel. respect, love, honor to them. not arguing, not talking about politics. that will get you off to a really nice start. we saw muslims and because of how they were treated in america, it drew them back into their family and faith and went back to the middle east and became more radical. >> i know august is the month of prayer for ramadan. they go to mecca to have an experience with god.
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each year we get reports of muslims throwing stones tat devil and having jesus siteings there. we pray as they expect an encounter, god would reveal his son jesus. starting august 1st is ramadan. we ask for believers to pray everyday for muslims to have an encounter with christ. last year a young woman went to mecca and commemorated, came back to jordan and confessed to 1 of her friends that she had dreams about jesus when she was there. the person in jordan she reached out to had dreams about jesus and a secret underground believer. she now found faith in christ. we are praying for thousands of experiences in mecca. >> prayer works. thank you tom doyle.
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we are out of time. thank you for joining us. >> amen. god bless you. >> to learn more how you can pray, visit our website at it is there you'll find links to the 30-days prayer focus as well as e 3 partners. later on "christian world news"...>> walking in the tunnels of jerusalem. we found the bell in the tunnel. archaeologists in jerusalem discover a tiny gold bell. see how it could be a priestly gold garment in the time of jesus.
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>> welcome back to "christian world news" we have been talking about praying for the muslim world during the month of ramadan. the bible tells us to pray for the peace of jerusalem. and the jewish state is facing a
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serious challenge after ramadan ends. muslim nations are backing palastinian calls recognizing a palastinian state. that could happen in september. joining us is chris mitchell. tell us what is this all about. who is for it who is against it? >> many of the muslims supporting it, a lot of nations in south america are recognizing it as a palastinian state but it is not official. palastinian authority is going to ask to see if they can recognize a palastinian state. >> that is remarkable. that will put a lot of pressure on israel. >> it might get vetoed in the security council. it could be the united states that would veto that resolution. what is going to happen, we talked to a former israeli ambassador. she thinks it will go to the general assemble.
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they will use obscure resolution 377. >> so you think that may actually occur? >> it sounds kind of outlandish. it could happen. that would put a great deal of pressure on israel. even possible use of force against israel. if they see israel as the occupying power in west bank which is where they are looking at to create a palastinian state. >> it is more crucial for us to pray for the peace of jerusalem and israel? >> exactly. >> how do we pray? >> pray for wisdom of the leaders, and the people themselves, they are undecided about what to do. some would be willing to give
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half of jerusalem and west bank for the sake of peace. a lot are concerned about palastinian authority. we talked to a gentleman, his understanding, they are not interested in the 1967 borders, but 1947 borders where the united nations partitioned a jewish state. it is critical to pray for the peace of jerusalem. >> they believe the 2-state solution will lead to 1 state? >> actually. a palastinian state. they would literally replace the jewish state. >> let's talk about the palastinian territory west bank, it is rich in bible history. >> you are talking about dividing jerusalem in half. all of the old city, the
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christian holy sites would be part of a palastinian state. when you look through the west bank, the tabernacle was for 369 year, e lan morway. throughout the west bank, it is known as judea, samaria, ezekiel chapter 38 known as the mountains. tell us about these digs. what is the significance of these archaeological finds? >> it seems like every archaeological discovery, finding out more about the bible that this is where much of the bible history was taking place where the jews settled for
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thousands of years. they just found a synagogue and a little base with a relief of a menorah on it. these were people that visited the 2nd temple back in the time of jesus. it is like they are uncovering more and more bible history. >> bible comes alive in the holy land. >> you are there. >> amazing place to be. it is like the stones are crying out affirming what we know the bible says. >> god speed to you as you return to the middle east. thank you for joining us. >> thanks, gary. coming up next, how god transferred a new orleans gambler into a soul winner. here his amazing testimony that has tched millions around the world.
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>> now a story of a life well
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lived. 1 man's decision for the lord transformed his family and millions around the world. john jessup takes us on a grandfather's vision for ministry and he passed it down through the generations. jo grooms lived for 36 -- he did 180 degrees. >> mike grooms thinks back on life with his dad. >> my earliest memory was getting up early in the morning to pray. i am talking, 4 or 5 o'clock. my dad talked loudly to the lord. >> god transformed jo from a new
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orleans gambler to a soul winner. he told people about jesus and kept him away from his wife and children. >> during those times, i questioned god and would say i became an atheist. my dad was not a hippopotamus krit. >> all of jo's children served in ministry. >> he wrote this book, treasure path to soul winning. >> he felt if people were to win souls, they needed the word of god. you need to share the word of god. >> jo's ministry led him to
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russia, nigeria and philippines and laid india on his heart. >> he said who is going to tell those millions of people in india about jesus? >> he knew his time was short and plan to pass the short was in the works. grandson johnathon. >> it appeared god had his hand on johnathon. >> we felt he was 1 of those kids that was compliant, loved the lord, had a heart to serve god. >> as the 31-year-old leader, john style couldn't be more different. grandfather bold and loud. he is quiet and unassuming. >> it is a great honor, in a lot of ways, also an overwhelming task. i have to say god you are the 1 to give me the strength, courage, boldness to fill the shoes of someone like my grandfather.
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>> jo went to be with the lord last year. there is global partners for peace and development, johnathon's humanitarian organization that helps people from haiti to orphans in the middle east. >> whether they have food or clothes. when you look into their eyes, the greatest need they have is a personal relationship with jesus christ. >> recently he and his wife heidi took their sons on a mission trip to you guest it, india. >> 1 of the most special times was when our little boy at 3 sang jesus loves the little children of the world. it was my heart's desire he would truly know what he was singing. and that god does love those little boys and girls, really,
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our time here on earth is short and live every minute for eternity. >> just like his grandfather did. >> there is a lot of pressure to do these things for the lord. it is not anything that my dad has called me to, my grandfather has called me to. this is a calling from god. >> john jessup cbn news.
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>> archaeologist nor jerusalem discovered a rare gold bell believed to be part of a priestly garment in the time of jesus. julie stall brings us more from jerusalem. >> that is the sound of a 2,000 year old bell. >> the man would wear the bell on his coat.
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everyone would hear him. it is not a big noise. just to give some respect to this man. new archaeologist uncovered the bell while excavating an english channel. it begins at siloam and ends at robinson's arch. jewish worshippers would have entered the temple mount at the time of jesus. >> the bell has a tiny loop tat top and attached to the robe of a wealthy man. upon its hem you should make bomb granites of blue, purple and scarlet and bells of gold between them all around. head archaeologist eli shukronof says there is no way to know for sure if the bell came from a priestly garment.
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>> it could have come from anyone. >> he believes the bell fell off the man's garment and into the drainage channel. >> walking in the tunnels of jerusalem and after 2,000 years, we found that bell in the tunnel. >> archaeologists hope to open the channel tunnel to the public later this summer. eli shukronof says it sheds light on the nature of jerusalem in second temple time. cbn news, jerusalem. >> that is all this week for "christian world news" we thank you for joining us. wendy griffith will be back next week.
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